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SD/Dwarf Lavender Albino 100% Het Snows hatching!


May 3 2013 

We had a beautilful clutch of some amazing Retics hatch out here! We bred a SD Purple Snow male to a 50% Jampea (Dwarf) White Albino and this is the result! 

SD/Dwarf Lavender Albino 100% Het Snows! These guys are very high percentage 31.25% SD, 37.5% Dwarf Lavender Albinos with the key ingredient hidden in them (Anery) to produce the Amazing SD/Dwarf SNOW! No one has made a Lavender or White Albino Snow yet, and these guys are the necessary ingerdiant to do so. Purple Ablino Snows look beautiful, but imagine a White or Lavender Albino Snow! They will be so light colored with subtle blending that will make them look amazing!

np-lav-het-snow-3.jpg np-lav-het-snow-1.jpg np-lav-het-snow-2.jpg

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