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DHAP!! Double Het Albino PIED Retic Clutch!


May 30 2013

Vital Exotics' breeding season continues to get better and better! This is a breeding and clutch I am extremely excited about! Pied male X Lavender Albino female...giving us Double Het Albino Pieds! 

Many of us have seen how amazing the Albino Pieds are..with this breeding it gives us the ingredients to make all 3 color phases (White, Lavender and Purple) Albino Pieds! 

It is going to be a long 3 months waiting for these to hatch, as out male Pied is also Possible Het Albino and he may also be a Tiger Pied, so seeing the results from this breeding will be great! Maybe Albino Tigers 100% Het Pied? That would be a dream come true! Stay posted for the results in the end of August! 


Pied male courting the Lavender Albino female. 


Pied X Lavender Albino breeding. 


Mother on her freshly laid clutch. 


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