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Platinum Het Albino X Platinum Retic clutch hatches

March 21 Our Reticulated Python hatching season sarted off amazing with this clutch! We made some beautiful Platinums and normals with some really crazy pattern...but the real gems were Ivorys! There is nothing quite like seeing an all white snake with jet black eyes poke thru the egg! We are jsut getting started with the Retic [...]

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First CBB High Yellow Water Monitor Clutch Hatches for 2013

Feb 1, 2013 The first clutch of Vital Exotics' CBB High Yellow Water Monitors for 2013 is hatching out this week. This clutch consists of 11 eggs, as of today (2-1-13),  5 have hatched out and are doing great and a few more look to be close to pipping. The first ones out are extremely nice [...]

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Awesome NEW Water Monitor Project! Type 2 Caramel Albino Water Monitors!

March 2013  We are extremely happy to have a chance to expand our V. Salvator breeding projects into another amazing gene this season! We picked up a CBB Type 2 Caramel Albino male and a 100% Het Type 2 female from NERD. These guys are pounding food already have some age and size on them and are [...]

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Second Reticulated Python Clutch of 2013: Anthrax X Crazy Patterned 66% PH Anthrax

January 23, 2013 I love waking up in the morning to a beautiful, healthy clutch of Reticulated Python Eggs! This is an extremely exciting breeding...A very dark and silver Anthrax male was bred to a 66% Poss Het Anthrax female that has one of the most incredible patterns in the Retic world....this should make some amazing [...]

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Third Reticulated Python Clutch of 2013: SD Purple SNOW X 50% Jampea (Dwarf) White Albino

February 9, 2013 Caught this girl finishing up laying her clutch this morning! This is a very exciting clutch for me. SD Purple SNOW X 50% Jampea (Dwarf) White Albino female. This girl is a 2009 and is in the 10' range, this should make some really beautiiful Sd/Dwarf Lavender Albinos Het for SNOW! She laid 15 [...]

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First Reticulated Python Clutch of 2013: Platinum Het Albino X Platinum

January 5th, 2013 Vital Exotics' 2013 Reticulated Python breeding season is off to a great start! We had a beautiful Platinum female lay a clutch of 24 perfect eggs last night. She was bred by a Platinum Het Albino male so we should see some really nice hatchlings out of this clutch....Ivorys, Ultra Ivorys, some beautiful [...]

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TRR Lizard Breeder of the YEAR!

WOW!!! What a year 2012 has been for VITAL EXOTICS! It has been a great year for our animals , our family and our new company! When my wife and I talked about starting this venture years ago, we could not have imagined that it would take off like this and go this well from [...]

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Black Dragon Breedings! Worlds and USA Firsts!

Novemer and December 2012 Black Dragon Breedings! Worlds and USA Firsts! Here at Vital Exotics we had an unbelievable end to the year! We were fortunate enough to have our group of Black Dragon Water Monitors start breedeing and we recieved a beautiful clutch of 17 eggs from one of our female Black Dragons that was bred by [...]

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Vital Exotics is now Active on Kingsnake.com Classifieds

October 27th, 2012  Vital Exotics will now be activly posting our animals for sale on the Kingsnake.com Classifieds.  Go here to view the classified categories: http://market.kingsnake.com  

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Water Monitors Hatching out!

Vital Exotics CBB High Yellow Water Monitors Hatching out!   November 1, 2012 We are extremely happy to have had our first clutch of Varanus salvator hatching out this week and they are incredible looking! This is the first of three clutches that we have currently in the incubator. The next clutch is due mid January. The breeding [...]

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