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Vital Exotics' CBB High Yellow Water Monitor final clutch for 2013 Hatches!


December 1 2013 

We are very lucky to have another great looking clutch of our High Yellow Water Monitors hatch here! 

Some very beautuful hatchlings with great personalities! Go here to see more photos and info: http://www.vitalexotics.com/cbb-water-monitors/

wm-1.jpg wm-2.jpg wm-3.jpg


Dwarf bloodline Platinum Tigers 100% Het Pied!

November 19 2013  Who's up for some Jampea blood Platinum Tigers 50% PH Anery 100% PIED from this smoking looking female? YES YES YES!! PIED X 50% Jampea Platinum Tiger 100% Het Anery! Being laid right now! I can't wait to see a Platinum PIED! The yellow and silver will be incredible... The beautiful female!  Beautiful clutch!  Proud Pied Father! 

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Black Dragons Hatching!

October 20 2013  Very exciting times! Nothing quite like seeing jet black little heads poking out of the eggs! Vital Exotics Black Dragons!  Such an amazing species to observe and work with!  Black Dragon hatchling taking its first breath!  Time to bask and relax!  Fresh out of the egg and exploring! 

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DHAPS!! Double Het Albino Pied Retics have hatched!!

August 18 2013  Vital Exotics takes it to another level again with this Reticulated Python clutch hatching out! Double Het Albino Pieds! These guys are the key to making one of the most beautiful and saught after pythons of all time! I cant wait to see what these guys produce in a few short years....    

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Black Dragon and Het Black Dragons Hatched!

June 24 2013 This is one of the most amazing things I have ever been able to experience! Hatching of the first USA CBB Black Dragon Water Monitor and the worlds first documented Het Black Dragons! We were fortunate enough to have a few different clutches hatch on the same weekend here and it was very [...]

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DHAP!! Double Het Albino PIED Retic Clutch!

May 30 2013 Vital Exotics' breeding season continues to get better and better! This is a breeding and clutch I am extremely excited about! Pied male X Lavender Albino female...giving us Double Het Albino Pieds!  Many of us have seen how amazing the Albino Pieds are..with this breeding it gives us the ingredients to make all 3 [...]

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SD/Dwarf Lavender Albino 100% Het Snows hatching!

May 3 2013  We had a beautilful clutch of some amazing Retics hatch out here! We bred a SD Purple Snow male to a 50% Jampea (Dwarf) White Albino and this is the result!  SD/Dwarf Lavender Albino 100% Het Snows! These guys are very high percentage 31.25% SD, 37.5% Dwarf Lavender Albinos with the key ingredient hidden [...]

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Vital Exotics' CBB High Yellow Water Monitor Clutch #2 for 2013 Hatches!

May 10 2013  This week we had a beautiful clutch of 23 High Yellow Water Monitors hatch out! Perfect hatch rate and they all came out looking great and ready to eat and explore! This is an amzaing species if you are up for the commitment and care requirements. 

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Black Dragon Eggs Again!

April 26 More Black Dragon eggs from Vital Exotics! This time we bred our Black Dragon male to one of out Black Dragon females and were rewarded with a beautiful clutch of 13 beautiful, perfectly nested eggs! This is the 5th time we have bred this Black Water Monitor locality, and hopefully very soon we will [...]

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Anthrax X GraniteBack Retic Clutch hatches

April 17  Luck was on our side with this breeding! We were fortunate enough to see our 66% PH Anthrax female prove out when I saw the first Anthrax head pip in this clutch! This breeding produced some awesome Anthrax and GraniteBacks with some of the most unreal pattern I have ever seen! I am so [...]

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